Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Deleterious plastics...please reduce its use..

#Just good intention is not enough, awareness is needed too.
I learnt lots of things from my parents, who have spent all their life a in a village in India.

My father, a high school science teacher loved sweeping our backyard, the litter and other garbage.

That is fine...but, then he would burn the trash..
The plastic smell would generate obnoxious fumes.

Females have stronger sense of smell....my mother would shout at him for burning the plastic..
Borrowing his science  knowledge, he would reply, "Do you have any idea, how long it takes to degrade? More than thousand years".
The argument would end there.
I myself had limited knowledge. I would stay silent.

Now two decades later, things are different. As a researcher and author of hundreds of science articles..I almost know in and out of human system..and its vulnerabilities.
My father knew plastic can accumulate and pollute  soil and water..
But he had no idea that the inhalation of the toxic fumes will disturb hormones..and among other illnesses, can cause cancers...mostly, breast and prostate cancer...

Please try to reduce your use of plastics..

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