Thursday, August 25, 2016

Water quality: Are people aware of the threats?

Bad water quality is top single-most reason of health degradation and death.
With sanitation and water supply by public health department, the pathogen threat has dropped.
However, as water level declines, people in rural areas are resorting to digging wells in their yard.
It is likely to affect the water resource and to result in unsustainability.
Our village house has a well...and so do the neighbors have.
I wonder how long it can sustain demand..
Anyway, here I aim to draw attention to another issue...
As the water drawn is directly used...they are not aware of the minerals in it..
May be too much arsenic or lead?  These semi-metals and metals have been implicated in many dangerous diseases. Even regular mineral in excess, when used regularly is unhealthy.
I wish the water quality can be tested.
I am not living in India anymore. But I do care for my country, its prosperity...above all, health of our people.

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