Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blazing flame of the forest............

Spring in India is brief, passes before you blink. 
In my village, the vernal season is heralded by the blazing colors of flame of the forest (Butea monosperma).The brilliant orange-hued blossoms, also called palash or dhak transform the landscape with its aesthetic appeal. 

I love watching at the rows of thickly abloom shrubs and the carpet of petals lining the rustic road. My village falling under the eroded,  mineral-rich Chota Nagpur plateau is ideal for luxurious growth of these shrubs. In my childhood, we used to play Holi (the festival of color) using the  water boiled petal extract as dye,  the eco-friendly way. :). And I loved to be served my lunch on the plate made of its broad, rounded, coarse, deep-green leaves. Rural folks used the brush made of its roots for white-washing. Is not this picture graced with the lovely blossoms and the browsing goat  heart-warming?

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